Mo Zhao, composer and pianist

Composition Catalogue and Recording

Piano Solo

¡¤ Poem

        Premiered in April 2011, Walnut Creek

¡¤ Piece in D Minor

¡¤ ¡°A Walk In The Woods¡± Suite¡ªcommissioned by Huaxi Hospital in China for music therapy sessions with victims of the 2008 earthquake.

Chamber (Instrumental only)


¡¤ Fantasy and Dance

        Premiered in April 2013 by the Arneis String Quartet, Boston University Tsai Performance Center.

¡¤ Aged Man, Puppy, and Owl

        For guitar and cello. Premiered in December 2013, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK.

¡¤ Sonata for 2 Cellos and Piano

           Premiered in May 2013, Boston University

¡¤ Tone Poem on Epilogue of Shakespeare ¡°Tempest¡±

        For violin and piano. Premiered in Walnut Creek Sherman Clay Recital, April 2012.

¡¤ ¡°The Journey¡±

        Premiered in CSU Stanislaus, 2011, conducted by Brett Abigaña

¡¤ Sonnet XVII

        for mezzo-soprano, violin, cello, and percussion. premiered in CSU Stanislaus, 2011, conducted by Brett Abigaña

¡¤ ¡°Midnight Musings¡±

           Piano trio, premiered in CSU Stanislaus, 2010




¡¤ Caution! - Lennie Naughton

       Soprano, electric guitar, electric bass, drum set. Premiered in Boston University, April 2014.

¡¤ Vocalise¡ªHommage to Rachmaninoff

        For soprano, cello, and piano. Premiered in April 2013, Boston University

¡¤ Alma Apretada¡ªPablo Neruda

        SATB Chorus. Premiered by Boston University Academy Chamber Choir in Marsh Chapel, May 2013.

¡¤ Song Cycle No. 1 ¡°Torch Songs¡±

           Bass-Baritone and Piano. Premiered in Boston University,   March 2013.

¡¤ ¡°The Silver Moon is set¡­¡± - Sappho

        Soprano and Piano

¡¤ ¡°When the Sun Rises¡± - Sappho

        Soprano and Piano. Premiered in Walnut Creek Sherman Clay Solo Recital, April 2012

¡¤ ¡°I carry your heart with me¡± e. e cummings

          Soprano and piano. Premiered in Walnut Creek Benefit Concert for Japan, March 2011




Large Ensembles



¡¤ Kazakh Fantasy

           String Orchestra and Percussion. Variations on the Kazakhstan folk tune ¡°Swallow.¡±

¡¤ Blue Seas

           Wind Band. Premiered by Dougherty Valley High School Wind Ensemble. Conducted by Teri Musiel.

¡¤ Fantasia Lirica

           String Orchestra. Premiered by Doughrty Valley High School Advanced String Orchestra. Conducted by Teri Musiel.